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In recent years, we noticed a surge in the use of mobile banking and digital transaction in Nepal. A few years ago, the use of the digital platform for transactions was a lot less and quite limited. Digital transaction or cashless payments in 2018 was NPR 712 billion while in 2019, the amount increased to NPR 1,559 billion. This is an increase of NPR 847 billion in the timeframe of a year. Some of the prominent companies that provide digital monetary transaction services like eSewa and IME Pay observed a substantial rise in terms of users. There was a 35% increase in the number of users of eSewa bringing the user base to 3.5 million people since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic whereas there was a 25% increase in the number of users of IME Pay between March and August 2020. We believe that the COVID-19 pandemic has also played a crucial role to accelerate the use of cashless payment methods. One of the major reasons for people to shift to a cashless payment method is the fear of transmission of the coronavirus through physical money.


E-Banking (Mobile Banking):

As growing of time and adaptation of different E-payment system, mobile banking has become one of the most used and easier way of digital payment.  We have a time gap from 2072 to 2078 where comparison could be done and we can see the rapid growth of use of mobile banking. In gap of 2072 to 2073, 17,54,566 people used mobile banking and in 2077 to 2078 1,28,89,445 people used mobile banking. The use of mobile banking has increased by 41% in 5-6 years.


Currently, we have different E-wallet payment system in Nepal. Some of them are shown in above figure as per their popularity among the people in Nepal in which eSewa is most used among others, then comes Khalti, IME Pay and so on. These are the main E-payment system currently popular in Nepal. Almost all the services can be done through them which has made work easier. Almost 88% uses eSewa, 22% uses Khalti, etc.

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