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Is Digital Marketing a Better Career in Nepal?

Digital marketing has soared in popularity in recent years, due to the massive increase in digital methods to reach people, with apps, social media and search engines all forming a part of most people’s daily lives. Digital marketers have never had more ways to reach new and existing customers.

Thinking a life without the internet in the 21st century is a Turmoil. Digital marketing often proven to be a game changer in attracting the right mass to the business. From multinational corporation to small business and even startups, digital marketing has become a crucial key factor in carving the way to successful future. Digital marketing, in general, incorporate different marketing efforts that use an electronic device and most importantly the internet. Composing, managing, upgrading and digitalizing the existing content will be the first step of digital marketing.

In this article, we will go through the various components of digital marketing.

What are the components of digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a broad area and progressive art to shine over time. Improvement and experience come side by side in each stage for marketing campaign. So, you must learn about various components and sharpen your skills to success with digital marketing in Nepal.

1. Content marketing

2. Search Engine Optimization

3. Social Media Marketing [SMM]

4. Email Marketing

5. Video Marketing

6.  Affiliate Marketing

7. Pay per Click [PPC] Advertising

Let’s look at top career options you can choose from within Digital Marketing.


# Social Media Manager

The main job of social media manager is to handle the social profile of a company. A social media manager must be alert with the new changes and lead the adaptation of new strategies regarding social media platforms. Here is the job summary of a social media manager:-

-Staying up to date with trends and updates in various social media

-Researching the perfect audience, mass, groups for the marketing placement.

-Generate, edit, and publish engaging content

-Placing innovative ideas and new tips involving social media.

-Optimizing and managing all social media accounts.

# Content Writer

As the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates once stated “Content is King”, the value of superior content can’t be neglected. Content writers are those individuals in charge of producing engaging content to use online. Here is a job summary of a content writer:-

-Write creative contents fit for the targeted mass.

-Materialize impressive heading and taglines for the content

-Edit and improve old contents

-Copywriting [posts, research and ads]

-Ability to write legal documents:- proposals, policies, reports, etc

# Graphic Designer

Graphic designers provide the visual impact and are the core of any digital marketing campaign. Begin creative, motivated and good with different software, tools and freehand drawings as well are the key skills to describe a graphic designer. Here is a job summary of a graphic designer:-

-Learn from consumer behavior and make changes in designs

-Work with a wide range of different levels of software and tools

-Catching the concepts quickly and present rough drafts in a short period

-Creative thinking, research and innovate new design concepts, layouts and graphics

-Working in coordination with content writers, executives, stylists and many more

# Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager is the figurehead of any campaign overseeing the progress, strategy and involvement in different aspects of digital marketing. A digital marketing manager has an important job in the company and is easily among the most paid IT jobs in Nepal. Here is a job summary of digital marketing manager:-

-Digitally managing and representing the company brand.

-Making vital decisions and strategy for others to follow on.

-Knowing the market competitors and make necessary changes.

-Coordinate different teams and avoiding disorder.

-Communicate and motivate the team members.

# SEO Analyst/Professional

SEO is one of the major parts of a digital marketing team. One has to know various techniques and implement them to drive the traffic to the company website. Here is a job summary of SEO professionals:-

-Manage the inbound section and make changes following timeline.

-Regular update and upgrade of different constituents of website.

-Check for plagiarism, errors, and stagnant contents and manage them accordingly.

-Working closely with the content writers and social media managers.

-Manage the off-page SEO with backlinks, directory submission, and others.

#Web Design and Development

Well web design/development is an incredible career option on its own and it is a central point for digital marketing too. With a good and up to date website, many people engage and choose your brand before others. Here is a job summary for web designers in Digital Marketing.

-To be up to date with new technologies.

-Improve User Interface (UI) for better customer experience.

-Maintain User-profiles and different web systems.

-Check and resolve the errors and bugs in the website.

-Making the website secure and monitoring for malware/hazards.

 Bizinice Tips to kick-start your Digital Marketing Career in Nepal

-Do a comprehensive digital marketing course here at Bizinice or other certified institutes.

-Join a community of marketers and learn from them.

-Study different cases and list out do’s and don’t’s for future uses.

-Make a habit of working in a team.

-Make a strong persona and present yourself confidently (before clients, employers and colleagues)

-Follow the market and consumer behavior closely.

– Be active socially and in social media.

-Always be ready to lead.

Digital Marketing is also providing to be a key aspect to hold an in-demand profession. As most companies have their major focus on it you can learn the skills for promotion as well. Having said all that, join us at Bizinice to learn from the experienced professionals with confirmed Digital Marketing skill to be the best.

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